• Indie Filmmakers

    The music you need for your film.

    9 Filmakers will receive orchestral and symphonic original theme, underscore and songs

    Help tell your story, raise the value of your film and give it the edge and impact it needs to compete at festivals.



    The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie. But, unfortunately, most filmmakers are not able to afford professional original music, songs and sound design. Let a seasoned SESAC composer do it for you.


    1. You must register your film with the International Movie Data Base (www.imdb.com) and list Vincent Levy Bryant as the original Music Composer and Music Supervisor.

    2. Have a Business Plan which includes registering in at least one major film festival.

    3. Provide a "Lock to Picture" final cut.

    4. Have a website devoted to your film listing me as the original Music Composer and Music Supervisor.

    5. Have social media dedicated to your film with a person handling your films publicity.


    Good luck to all.


    Donations accepted that will help filmakers have music and sound design using the above link.

  • For More Information:

    Contact VLEEV with the details and he will get right back to you.